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Writing has been a habit that I haven’t been able to kick, after all these years. During high school I wrote the lyrics to a bunch of songs with music written by a Swedish exchange student Thomas Gilljam.

I continued writing during my college years and was able to stage a number of my original plays. I was given a Major Hopwood Award during my senior year at the University of Michigan Residential College for a play about Benedict Arnold called “Exit Benedict.”

Four children’s books of mine are still in print through Benchmark Educational Press, intended for first-grade and second-grade classrooms. For that reason, you need to buy them in 6-packs.

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Tim Prentiss

Owner / Operator / Sole Proprietor

Timothy Prentiss

Tim Prentiss has managed The Electronic Cottage consultancy in the Chicago area since 1989.

Using a firm grasp of the language, Tim has been involved with newsletter production, magazine publication, websites, podcasts, teaching, training and online course development.

In recent years, Tim has worked on editing and publishing two books by his late friend, Tom Burnett. He keeps busy by working part-time at a municipal golf course and volunteering as a Friend of the Homewood Library in Homewood, Illinois.

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“I’m writing as loud as I can!”